BloomTV is your network for all things floral. Enjoy an immersive video library created by experts from across the globe as they demonstrate the various ways that flowers can be used. Whether you're incorporating flowers into your garden, your home, art; diys, or recipes, this lifestyle channel will show you that there are endless ways to incorporate flowers into your every day, and experience life in full bloom. 

This month's picks!


Floral Doodling Handbook

A stress-free, enjoyable way to learn to draw floral designs.

Organic Emboridery

Use your sewing machine to turn bits of nature into exquisite art.

Artisan Felting

An artistic, inspirational guide to wearable art.

Painterly Days

25 watercoor sketches to discover joy in small moments of art-making.

Floral Accessories

Make more than 40 beautiful pieces of jewelry, accessories, and handheld designs incorporating fresh flowers.

Perishable Poetics

An artistic, inspirational guide to wearable
200+ lush photographs exhibit the innovative work of a rising star in floral design art.

Fresh Floral Jewelry

A guide to creating 32 beautiful pieces of jewelry incorporating fresh flowers.

Endless Florescence

Explores dried florals as an art form in itself, not just decoration or a trend.

Forever Flowers

The 18 projects are unusually lovely and add nonperishable floral beauty to home or any interior space.


Offers alternative formats and edgy ideas for crafters, floral artists, and decor lovers.

Framing Floral Techniques

Expert teaching for curious and enthusiastic flower fans, both industry-trained and hobbyist.

Herbarium of Fabric Flowers

Enables crafters who love the spirit of nature to honor even invisible elements like scent and presence.

Watercolor the Easy Way

There's something for every style in this mix of gorgeous projects: trendy designs, botanicals, animals.

Watercolor the Easy Way Flowers

50 beautiful floral motifs are broken down into simple steps that take the intimidation out of painting.

Kristy's Summer Cutting Garden

Includes painting tips and inspirational commentary to get the creative juices flowing.

Art for Joy's Sake Journal

Offers you joy-based, hands-on ways to enrich your art-making journey and your creative life.

Blooming Paper

Perfect for makers ready to try something new, and for stylists, event planners, and display designers.

Styling Beyond Instagram

For all creatives who know the importance of branding and visual messaging to sell ideas and products.
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